What You Can Expect From Us

  1. Our commitment to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  2. We will approach each customer with a positive attitude.
  3. We will be polite, sincere, and treat each customer with respect.
  4. We will always use quality products and materials.
  5. We will insure you receive full value for your investment.
  6. We will respond promptly to your needs.
  7. We will stretch your dollar.


How We Price & Your Budget

At Johnson’s Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc. we believe in personalized landscaping and maintenance services based on your individual need and desires. As such we do not have a pricing package based on the “one size fits all theory.


We know there are many landscaping companies and individuals out there for you to choose from. We may not have the cheapest rates but we promise you value, quality materials and workmanship for your money.  Our prices are fair and reasonable for the work we perform.


We are fully licensed, insured, and adhere to the strictest nursery standard guidelines. We offer a one year-one time special warranty for hardwood plants and trees that we furnish and install provided payment has been made in full. The warranty does not include perennials, annuals nor failure due to lack of proper maintenance by the customer, neglect, improper watering, abuse or Acts of God.”


Please rest assured you will not be taken advantage of.  We are always searching to find the best prices on materials and we pass that savings on to our clients. We’ll even tell you what the best value is for your money.

Estimates on Maintenance

growWe wish there were set prices we could give you but that’s not the nature of this business.  In general though, the basic weekly service for a small lot starts at the $35-$40 range and includes “mowing, weed eating, blowing off decks and hard surfaces and light debris cleanup”. But maybe you just want your grass mowed and nothing else to have your price reduced.  Or you might want additional services that would increase your price.  It’s your call.


Basic bi-weekly services start at the $45-$50 range per visit because this requires extended mowing time and labor.  As information bi-weekly mowing of fescue grass is not recommended.


Prices do vary depending on many factors.  For instance, prices will be on the lower end if you are in our regular line of travel.   In contrast, if additional travel time and gas is involved then it would be more.


Most of our commercial and residential maintenance is done on an annual basis with payments equally spread over twelve months.  So instead of you paying more in the summer months and paying less in the winter months it’s easier on you and us to have twelve equal monthly payments. But we can do it either way.  If you’re on a regular maintenance schedule we invoice at the end of the month and payment is due the first day of the month after the month services are rendered.

Estimates on Installations & Repairs

Prices depend on what the job is, the cost of materials, equipment used, time involved and amount of labor needed for job.  No two jobs are ever the same because each one has its own unique circumstances.


During the months of March-December we mow and service your lawn every week. We extend this thru December because of leaf and lawn cleanup.  We do have some clients that prefer weekly visits throughout the entire year so we can do that if you would like too.


During January and February we would visit every two weeks. Because our services are tailored to your needs, you decide which months you would like us to do the maintenance and fees will be priced accordingly.

The Process

  1. You request your free consultation for whatever problem you have.
  2. We will meet with you and discuss your needs, desires and options available.
  3. We will develop a written quote for you or tell you on the spot if it’s a simple project.
  4. If you accept our quote, you will be place on the next available time slot. If it’s for weekly maintenance you will be placed in our line of travel of a given day.
  5. We will perform the services agreed upon. A supervisor inspects the crews at least twice a month.
  6. For regular maintenance customers, we use email to invoice at the end of the month.
  7. Payment is automatically due on the first of the following month. You can pay online through our website or mail your payment to 7841 Old Bunch Road, Zebulon, NC 27597.
  8. For customers with installations, etc. we invoice after work is completed, payment is due within 10 days.  Same pay process as above.
  9. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our materials are warrantied.


We offer on-line banking via our automated invoices.  We also accept cash and checks.  We do not accept credit cards.”


Pick up the phone and give a call to 919-369-6006 or click here for your no obligation quote today!